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About The City of Baldwin Park, California, CA

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About Baldwin Park, California

Baldwin Park was named after local business magnate and landowner Lucky Baldwin, who was affiliated with several individual land grants and enterprises within the region.

Originally used for cattle grazing, the area was christened ‘Vineland’ in 1860 before being altered to its current moniker in 1906, three years before Baldwin’s death.

Throughout the early 20th century, the community served as home to a variety of farms, stables, and ranches run by residents. Most were discontinued or moved elsewhere as Baldwin evolved into a less rural environment post-World War II.

In the immediate postwar decades, Baldwin Park became a prominent hub of Latine residents, particularly those of Mexican-Descent. The most recently available census data still shows that over 3/4ths of residents identify as Hispanic/Latine; the remaining 1/4th is almost entirely Caucasian. Resultantly, this majority has been a vital & vibrant face of much local culture & businesses throughout its modern history.

Baldwin Park, CA FAQ

Is Baldwin Park a good place to live?

It is a nice community. There are pleasant locations around, including parks and a library. However, the area’s appearance may use some improvement. Everything else about the location is fine. Over time, Baldwin Park has experienced a small decline.

What is Baldwin Park famous for?

The first In-N-Out burger restaurant, which debuted in Baldwin Park on October 22, 1948. It was California’s first drive-through and was replaced with a new structure in November 2004.

Is Baldwin Park a low-income community?

Baldwin Park families earned a typical family income of $72,554 in 2021. Households in Baldwin Park made slightly more money ($72,549) than those in North Auburn ($72,549) and Oakdale ($72,479). Nevertheless, 11.2% of Baldwin Park families are poor.

What city is Baldwin Park next to?

Other than Los Angeles, Baldwin Park is next to West Covina, West Puente Valley, and Valinda.

How close is Baldwin Park to Disneyland?

The distance between Baldwin Park to Disneyland is 28 miles. It takes approximately 30 min to drive from Baldwin Park to Disneyland.

How far is Baldwin Park from Long Beach?

Baldwin Park and Long Beach are 31 miles apart by vehicle. The driving time from Baldwin Park to Long Beach is about 36 minutes.

Baldwin Park, CA Demographics

Age and Household Statistics in Baldwin Park

Male Population: 37,963

Female Population: 37,696

Baldwin Park Population: 75,659

Median Age: 35.5

Under 5 years old: approx. 5.8%

Under 18 years old: approx. 22.3%

Residents 65 or older: approx. 12.5%

Total Households: 17,708

Average People Per Household: 4

Marital Status Statistics

Never Married: 25,035

Married: 29,568

Separated: 1,614

Widowed: 2,916

Divorced: 3,801

Racial Statistics (percentages) in Baldwin Park

White: 31.2%

Black or African American: 1.1%

American Indian/Native American: 3.1%

Asian: 22.1%

Two or More Races: 15.8%

Hispanic or Latino: 72.6%

Income Statistics in Baldwin Park

Average Household Income: $81,078

Median Household Income: $68,741

People below Poverty Level: $9,331

Blue Collar Positions: 12,341

White Collar Positions: 23,807

Education Level in Baldwin Park

No High School: 10,994

Some High School: 24,864

Some College: 11,915

Associate Degree: 2,851

Bachelor’s Degree: 6,152

Graduate Degree: 1,080

  • The Baldwin Park Historical Society Museum has over 1,000 representative artifacts from 1850 to 1950, including radios, area maps, clothing, agricultural artifacts, and phonographs.
  • Baldwin Park began in the mid-1800s when the land now comprising the city was in use as cattle grazing land of the San Gabriel Mission.
  • It is the  47th incorporated city in the State of California.
  • The city was named after Elias J. “Lucky” Baldwin.
  • The first In-N-Out burger started in Baldwin Park on October 22, 1948. It was California’s first drive-through.

Climate of Baldwin Park 

Mild, year-round Mediterranean climate:

76 F | 24 C average daytime

54 F | 12 C average nighttime

The summers are typically short. They feel warm and are particularly arid. The winters are long and feel wet and cool. 

The warmest season is from the end of June until mid-September, with an average of 85F on the hottest days. 

The coolest season is from mid-November all the way until mid-March. The average temperature in the cool time is a little below 70F. 

It doesn’t rain very much in Baldwin Park, but the 6-month stretch between October and April shows about 31 days. And the opposite, from April to October, started a “rainless” period, where there is little expectation of rainfall. Cloud cover, even without rain, is not uncommon during the cooler months.

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Baldwin Park, California, CA Points of Interest

The Baldwin Park Historical Society Museum

Located at 14403 Pacific Ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706, visitors can walk through on their own or get a guided tour of history that covers the years 1850 to 1959.

El Appetiz

Located at 3709 Baldwin Park Blvd, Baldwin Park, CA 91706, this restaurant offers Italian dishes with a modern touch.

In-N-Out Company Store

Located at 13800 Francisquito Ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Morgan Park

Located at 4100 Baldwin Park Blvd, Baldwin Park, CA 91706, This park has something for everyone. Children can enjoy swings, slides, and a water park, while adults can enjoy a number of games. 

Baldwin Park Pizza Company

Located at 4744 Maine Ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706 this restaurant is still operated by the founder, and the pizza is prepared with the owner’s original recipe that he started 30 years ago.