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About The City of San Gabriel, CA


San Gabriel, California, is a city located in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County.  The city was originally founded in 1771 by Spanish Franciscan missionaries and is home to a number of important historical sites and buildings, including City Hall, the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, and several other important landmarks. 

 Sam Gabriel has a very rich and unique history with a long legacy of cultural heritage. The city celebrates history and reflects this in its architecture, culture, and economy. 

San Gabriel is a vibrant city that observes and rejoices in its history and is committed to preserving its environment and heritage.

San Gabriel, CA FAQ

What is San Gabriel Known For?

The Mission San Gabriel Archangel was established in 1771 by Franciscan Fathers under the direction of Father Junipero Serra, laying the groundwork for the numerous and varied communities that today make up the Los Angeles area.

Is San Gabriel Considered Los Angeles?

Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley is a section of Los Angeles County. The San Gabriel Valley, which stretches from Pasadena to Pomona in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains to the north, is home to a number of suburbs northeast of Downtown Los Angeles.

Is San Gabriel a nice place to live?

San Gabriel is a peaceful area. Its location is excellent because it’s close to the 210, 10 or 60 highways. It features a wide variety of restaurants serving different cuisines, as well as American and Asian grocers.

Does it snow in San Gabriel?

Snow has been known to fall in the San Gabriel mountains in Los Angeles County and occasionally it will snow in the foothills.

Are there bears in the San Gabriel Mountains?

Yes, the most common bear in the San Gabriel Mountains are black bears.

Are there coyotes in San Gabriel?

Coyotes are typically found in California, which includes San Gabriel and the San Gabriel Valley.

San Gabriel, CA Demographics

Age and Household Statistics

Male Population: 19,334

Female Population: 20,774

San Gabriel Population: 40,108

Median Age: 43 years old

Under 5 years old: approx. 5%

Under 18 years old: approx. 17.9%

Residents 65 or older: approx. 17.2%

Total Households: 12,154

Average People Per Household: 3.21

Home Ownership Rate: 47.5%

Marital Status Statistics

Never Married: 12,733

Married: 17,185

Separated: 375

Widowed: 2,143

Divorced: 2,441

Racial Statistics (percentages) in San Gabriel

White: 17.1%

Black or African American: 0.8%

American Indian/Native American: 0.4%

Asian: 60.7%

Hispanic or Latino: 25.6%

Income Statistics in San Gabriel

Average Household Income: $76,918

People below Poverty Level: 12.5%

Education Level in San Gabriel

High School graduate or higher: 76.99%

Bachelor’s degree or higher: 33.5%

  • San Gabriel was founded in 1771 when Father Junipero Serra founded the Mission San Gabriel Archangel. The city was integral to the development of Los Angeles and Californio society. Because of this, it is known as the birthplace of the Los Angeles Region.
  • The Mission San Gabriel is the fourth of twenty-one missions founded in California.
  • Many of the first Mexican settlers were baptized at the Mission. This is why the Mission played an important role in Californio Society. They even baptized the future governor of California, Pio Pico.
  • San Gabriel became incorporated in 1913 with a population of 1500.

San Gabriel climate 


Mild, year-round Mediterranean climate:

  • 76 F | 24 C average daytime
  • 54 F | 12 C average nighttime

The summers are typically short; they feel warm and are particularly arid. The winters are long and feel wet and cool. 

The warmest season is from the end of June until mid-September, with an average of 84F on the hottest days. 

The coolest season is from mid-November all the way until mid-March. The average temperature in the cool time is a little below 70F. 

It doesn’t rain very much in San Gabriel, but the 6-month stretch between October and April shows about 31 days. And the opposite from April to October started a “rainless” period. Where there is no expectation of rainfall.

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San Gabriel, CA Points of Interest

The Mission San Gabriel Arcangel

The Mission is a historic landmark located at 428 South Mission Dr., San Gabriel, California, 91776. It was founded in 1771. 

The Mission was the spiritual center of the Valley, and tourists can tour the church, gardens, and museum. They can also see relics, religious artifacts, and books related to the Mission. Visitors can also check out the Mission’s Gift Shop.

San Gabriel Mission Playhouse 

Located at 320 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776, in the Mission District, this performing arts venue was built between 1923 and 1927 for John McGroarty’s The Mission Play.

It was also a movie theater; the dressing rooms were turned into apartments during World War II. 

Many famous names have played on the stage, including BB King, Florence Henderson, and To0ny Bennett.

San Gabriel Square Mall 

Located at 140 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776, it is a 12-acre multi-level mall. It is the only one in America anchored by the Focus department store and Ranch 99, an Asian Supermarket.

There are a number of boutiques, jewelers, restaurants, and Asian Tea Houses. Some restaurants that visitors have recognized are New Capital Seafood, Sam Woo, and Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot. 

San Gabriel Nursery

Located at 632 S San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776 is one of the largest and complete garden centers in Southern California. Founded by Fred and Mitoko Yoshimura is a family-owned and operated nursery that was founded in 1923.