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“The San Gabriel Educational Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization here in the community, and we exist to solely support the teachers, the community, the students, and public schools here in San Gabriel.”

“We find that all parents, no matter what their demographic, want the best for our children. People really want to give of what they can – whether it’s time or talent, and in most cases, to help us sustain and bring forward programming.”

“Philanthropy has been a part of my soul for as long as I can remember. And when I realized that I could actually engage in my own community where I lived and raised my children, that’s when I decided to move beyond my volunteerism and apply for a position when it became available.”

“Kids in the future do need these kinds of skills to survive in any business in any work that they do, whether it’s opening a law firm or a doctor. Learning how to perform on camera, understanding how the camera works – because that is how you’re going to reach your audience or your customers. Or even doing a job interview, it’s all done on zoom.”


What is your connection to the San Gabriel Valley?

Adela was born and raised in Los Angeles and grew up in Alhambra in SGV. She also raised her family here.

Paul moved to San Gabriel when he was eight years old and has been there ever since. It’s home. He also has a business in Temple City.


What is the San Gabriel Education Foundation?

The San Gabriel Education Foundation (SEF) is a nonprofit charitable organization in the SGV. The goal is to support teachers, students, and the community’s public schools. There are eight public schools – 5 elementary schools, one middle school, and two high schools. 

There are about 4,600 students.


What does San Gabriel Educational Foundation do in service of these schools?

The organization raises funds and engages the community in support of public education. This is done through events, programs, and fundraisers throughout the year.

What was the response like?

They know they serve a uniquely diverse group of students. 

They have about 38-40% of English language learners, which is essentially limited English speaking. 50% are considered economically disadvantaged.

However, they find that when there is a great need that all parents, no matter the demographic, want the best for their children.

People really want to help and give and provide resources that are possible.


What are some of the dedicated programs SEF contributes to?

Throughout the years, the board of directors raises funds, and then they allocate those funds. The 9-person volunteer board of directors meets with the district administrators and partners to identify the community’s needs.

There are varying needs, such as student needs, the teacher needs, classroom needs, district needs, etc.

The goal is to serve whatever need benefits the most amount of students, from kindergarten to 12th grade.

College counseling is a big program that SEF focuses on to provide powerful resources and a positive trajectory for students as they grow.


San Gabriel Education Foundation


What does the SEF Communicate to the businesses and corporations so that they understand how the fundraising is valuable to them?

The businesses understand that SEF actively promotes these businesses and helps them grow. It goes beyond just providing money and moving on.


How did you come to be involved with the nonprofit?

Adela: Philanthropy has seemed to be involved in her life forever. 

And when she realized that she could engage in her own community, where she raised her own children, she wanted to elevate her support and apply once a position became available.


How does SEF go about talking to the community?

The San Gabriel Educational Foundation has a marketing and communication chair and an assistant marketing and communication chair.

They work closely with the district and school administrators and parent leaders; in addition, they send out a bi-monthly newsletter for the community.

They also place ads in particular local magazines to share information. 


What Other Events Has SEF Done?

Other than the Reimagined Design Event, they have multiple other events. These events happen throughout the year.

They are working on a reading challenge for the high school. The main goal is to get books in the hands of kids, but the idea is to add some type of activity or event leading up to that.

The high school students will be tasked with filming a quick speech to promote their book. This combines the activity with reading with the skill of learning how to sell.

Plus, students are learning how to utilize the film medium. Paul reiterates that the film medium goes beyond acting or movies.

Working on film and knowing how to use a camera is already critical, and it’s becoming more valuable. Even many interviews are zoom calls now.


The SGV 3

Adela and Paul

1. The Historic Mission District

2. All of the restaurants in SGV, specifically Pulciano’s Deli

3. The parks in San Gabriel Valley, specifically Historic Dinosaur Park


About Adela Angiuli and Paul Kwo

Adela Angiuli has proudly served as Executive Director for the San Gabriel Educational Foundation since 2012. In this role, Adela leads the Foundation, with a focus on building strong partnerships and engagement within the San Gabriel community. She strives to support the creation and implementation of strategies and initiatives across the Foundation’s focus areas.

Adela’s steadfast commitment to serving the students in the San Gabriel Unified School District is evident. During her decade of work with the Foundation she has identified and developed programming benefiting students across all grade levels. Understanding collaborative efforts have the power to create opportunities she strives to forge strong relationships with in the community. Working closely with various stakeholders, she is credited with the identification and development of programs such as the ACE Mentorship program, and District Wide Literacy and Arts events.

Adela is described as a talented strategist with skills and expertise that drive results. She was honored in 2016 by the San Gabriel Unified School District with the distinguished Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching and Leadership.

As a dedicated staff member, Adela continues to focus on outcomes benefitting the students, teachers, families and community. She remains determined to ensure that every population in the district is served.

In her free time, Adela enjoys spending time with her beloved family.

Paul Kwo opened his performing arts school ‘PopRock Academy’ in 2011 and has been educating a new generation of actors, dancers and musicians. His students have been in notable productions such as the Red Light, Green Light doll from Squid Game, various Pixar, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Disney, ABC projects, and countless commercials. He is also the current President of the San Gabriel Educational Foundation, helping the students of the San Gabriel Unified School District.


Phone: 626-451-5465


Location: 408 Junipero Serra Drive, Suite 119

San Gabriel, CA 91776

Facebook: San Gabriel Educational Foundation

Adela Angiuli & Paul Kwo | San Gabriel Educational Foundation

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