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“I had no idea that I was shooting something that millions of people were going to quote or watch again. It was essentially a heightened version of me at work. Being a gay person at the office, you get away with more because they need you for diversity.”

“There are a lot of callbacks that reference easter eggs from this time of my life. This room we are in, this exact room, changed my life.”

“I understand now by so many influencers have influencer friends or actors have actor friends. You start to realize there are people you start to relate to in a certain way.

“I didn’t know that YouTube was going to be a mainstream source of revenue for anybody. I just knew I liked cutting together these films, and they have a reaction on people when I show them to them. That was unlike anything else.”

“You laugh, and the world will laugh with you. You cry, and you’re crying alone.”


Key Takeaways:


Brandon is a talented actor, director, youtuber, editor, videographer, and comedian

Brandon worked many jobs, including at Scott’s law firm, where he was inspired to pursue his passion

Seeing himself up on a billboard is one unforgettable moment for Brandon

Brand is a top YouTuber and has also worked on shows such as Magic Funhouse! and Helluva Boss


Brandon originally worked at Scott’s law office. He made a viral video at the office, and even during his first week, Scott asked Brandon to create a swimming documentary for his daughter, Tiffany.

What are the three main videos that Brandon made for Scott?

Scott believes there are three videos that Brandon created that show his craftsmanship and exemplify his creative abilities.

The first video is the swimming documentary he made for Scott’s daughter. The second was when Scott was being celebrated and did an acceptance speech. The third was a drunk driving commercial.


As of now, Brandon has been creating videos for about half of his life. It’s weird for Brandon to think YouTube was a “one-day” mindset.

Brandon used to carry about a list of popular YouTubers that he didn’t believe were worthy of the fame they acquired.

He ranked them in order from most popular to least popular, and the idea of the list was a nod to the film Kill Bill. By the time he left Scott’s law office, there were only a couple of YouTubers on the list.

Originally, Brandon was from the Bay Area. His job interview at Scott’s law firm was his first introduction to SGV.

After leaving and when his YouTube career took off, he got an apartment in Temple.

It has become an influential part of Brandon’s livelihood. He noted that it is much quieter to film in San Gabriel Valley vs. Los Angeles.

In high school, Brandon was part of a film club. This was back in the VHS days. Once a week, they would make a sketch, and if they messed up, they had to wound the tape back into the camera.

On Fridays at lunch, they would watch the videos in a classroom. Coincidentally, this was in 2005, which was the same year that YouTube was created.

This allowed them to avoid the classroom and instead upload their content to the internet. Also, Brandon took an editing class as an elective which was instrumental in his career.

He was majorly influenced by Mad TV and SNL. This helped show Brandon that you don’t need an insane budget to make funny, compelling video content.

For Brandon, it is a different kind of stress. It’s a stress he takes on willingly. Brandon wakes up at 5 am and works out intently. Due to his character, he wants to feel comfortable on camera.

In addition, it can be mentally taxing. He knows he has to be funny, but some weeks he doesn’t feel like being funny.

Everything is sorted out now for Brandon, thankfully. But at first, it was stressful and scary.

You don’t know who needs to do what, and you essentially are giving a piece of yourself to other people, and you never know who has your best interests in mind.

He needed someone to bookkeep, someone to help record and film, and edit. A moment that Brandon felt like he made it and one major impact in his career was his first billboard.

He would stop cars, wave at them, and when they lowered their windows, he’d point to the billboard and let them know that it’s him.



1. Almansor Park – Brandon would always go to Almansor Park to jog, especially when he was a little bit bigger. He has never had a bad time at this park. Also, it’s weirdly full of ducks.

2. The Green Zone – It has recently moved locations, but it was a very relaxing and healthy restaurant.

3. Super A Foods – They had a specific “fried food section” that Brandon’s friend Brian loved, and they had a lot of great memories there.



Brandon Rogers is an American comedian, actor, director, and writer. He was born on August 3rd, 1988 in Hayward, California. He was fascinated by cinema and acting at a very young age and decided to become an actor around the age of nine. After completing high school, he attended college in San Francisco.

Before making his way down to LA, Brandon attended many film festivals in the Bay Area. In 2006 he created his own YouTube channel which has now amassed over 6 million subscribers.

While Brandon was growing his YouTube channel he worked for the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth (now WarmuthLaw) as their video producer. It was during those years under Scott Warmuth that Brandon found his style of video comedy and that his videos started going viral. As his channel was doing so well Brandon decided to leave the law office and become a full-time YouTuber with the support of his coworkers at the office.

Today Brandon is not only a YouTuber but also a writer and voice actor for the animated show ‘Helluva Boss.’ In 2023 Brandon will be going on a new comedy tour featuring himself and his characters.



Brandon Rogers

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