Lisa Liu

SGV Master Key Podcast Episode #103

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Lisa Liu, the founder of Cairn Cookies, loves creating deeply impressionable flavors and a cozy environment. Cairn Cookies was made to bring comforting memories and joyful tastes to local neighborhoods.

Lisa found that she can connect deeply with the community at the farmers market. She was able to combine a love of flavors with the love of creating efficient operations and an enjoyable culture for employees in this business model. The company has grown from home-based sales during Covid, into upcoming expansion to multiple weekly farmers markets in the summer.

Cairn Cookies packs excellence into the experience of savoring a cookie. Each bite of our cookies will remind you of a favorite cookie from the past and evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia. Our motto is “Take a bite. Relive the magic.”

Instagram: @cairncookies

Lisa Liu

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